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Everything you need to know to get ready for Campout Against Cancer.

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Pre-Event Toolkit
Campout Against Cancer

What is a Campout Team?

A Campout team is a group of friends, family or co-workers who are interested in coming together to support one or many local cancer survivors. The team will choose a name and register on the Campout Against Cancer website. It is up to the team to decide on a fundraising goal and what activities or events will be coordinated in order to reach your team goal. Campout teams consist of 10 or more people. All group fundraising efforts will count towards your individual registration fee which is $125 per person. Individual registration fee covers meals, gifts, campsite space, etc. at the Big Event on March 25, 2023.

Team Captain Meetings

Meeting Particulars & Why A Captain and Team Members Should Attend

· Learn what a team captain is—roles and responsibilities
· We will review
-How to register your team online
-How to enhance/set up your team fundraising page
-How to leverage social media to raise funds
· Understand helpful fundraising resources for your teams
-Dinner Tickets that will credit your team
-Get credit for bringing others to our bingo/bunco nights
· Share fundraising ideas

Upcoming Meetings
Includes Bingo/Bunco

August 30, 20225:30pm
September 20, 20225:30pm
October 18, 20225:30pm

Bakersfield Association of Realtors
2300 Bahamas Dr. Bakersfield

Team Captain Job Description

Congratulations! You’re on your way to participating in an unforgivable event. In order to make the most of your Campout Against Cancer experience, as the Team Captain, we encourage you to follow these steps:

1) INVITE TEAM MEMBERS (10 OR MORE). Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors—anyone who is passionate about saving lives from cancer belongs on your team.
2) SET FUNDRAISING GOALS. Think about team members’ skills and come up with a goal that’s attainable but will also push people to raise more.
-$125/person registration
-Distribute materials and fundraising tools/tips to all team members.
3) GET ORGANIZED. Gather team members together in person to talk about goals, starting a mailing list or Facebook group and how each can contribute.
-Coach and motivate your team to success by generating enthusiasm and participation in event challenges.
-Attend Team Captains Meetings
-Recognize cancer survivors on your team and participate in the survivorship celebration at the events.
4) START FUNDRAISING. See below for fundraising ideas.
-Top fundraising teams will get priority campsite selection as well as recognition at the event.
-Should your team secure a corporate sponsor, the sponsor funds would go towards your team goals. (See Sponsorship Package)
5) CELEBRATE! When the big event arrives, you’ll lead your team knowing you’re doing your
part to help save lives.

Helpful Hints on Raising Money

Sell Gifts of Love ($25 each) in honor of or in memory of a loved one. (Get team credit)
· At work arrange for “Casual Friday”; employees can dress down (i.e. wear jeans) in exchange for $5.
· Coin rolling—save all your extra change and then roll it once a month.
· E-mail your friends and associates for donations
· Matching funds—Ask your manager or President to match the total raised by your team or to be the leading donor for your team
· Place a picture of the person your team is participating in honor or in memory of in a highly visible place to remind team members of the importance of their participation.
· Recycle for Hope—collect aluminum cans and take them to a recycler.
· Create a fundraiser via Facebook.
· Clean up with a neighborhood car wash.
· Ask 10 people you know to donate $10.00.
· Jelly bean guessing game
· Restaurant fundraisers—Tahoe Joe’s, Jersey Mike’s, Panda Express, etc.
· Casino Nights
· Paint nights
· Bake sale, Christmas basket sale, auctions and opportunity drawings.

Document Samples

Sponsorship Letter

Raffle Donation Letter

Raffle Donation Receipt

Facts at a Glance

· Kern County Cancer Foundation (KCCF) has been reviewing applications since October 2012.
· KCCF assists Kern County cancer patients and those with associated diseases.
· Qualified applicants demonstrate a significant change in their financial situation due to medical treatment. Applicants are reviewed twice a month by the Patient Eligibility Committee. If accepted, a patient can receive financial assistance subject to a lifetime maximum and continued eligibility.
· The program assists with medical costs associated with their cancer care, i.e. Prescriptions, Insurance Premiums, Cobra, Share of Cost, Out of Pocket expenses, deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance.
· A volunteer committee called our Patient Eligibility Committee is made up of volunteer social workers, nurses and other medical professionals from Kern County. They review application and determine the need based on financial circumstances. Prior to distributing funds from KCCF, the committee refers patients to existing co-pay programs, government programs and other forms of financial assistance that may be available.
· Approved applicants may receive assistance for up to 6 months. If further assistance is needed, financial documents are reviewed once again.
· The Program Policy Committee consists of board members who review policies quarterly and determine what type of funding and application is accepted.
· To date, over 800 patients have been approved and over $4 Million has been committed to local patients since inception.