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The Kern County Cancer Foundation is the largest provider of Cancer Support Services in Kern County.

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KCCF Background

Our Story

Founded in 2012 as the Kern County Cancer Fund, the program under the CBCC Foundation for Community Wellness received seed funding from Leslie Knox of Advanced Industrial Services and Dr. Ravi Patel of the Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center. 

All funds were overseen by the KCCF Board of Governors. Since 2013, more than 850 patients have been assisted with the fund, and approximately $4 million dollars has been allocated to pay for medical bills related to cancer treatment. All of the funds raised are distributed on behalf of Kern County cancer patients and their families regardless of where they are treated.

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In 2020, KCCF became the Kern County Cancer Foundation, its own 501c3 non-profit organization and began providing assistance to children with cancer and their families through our Pediatric Mobile Angel Unit.

In 2022, in partnership with San Diego State University, KCCF received funding from the California Breast Cancer Research Program to further understand the financial stress a cancer diagnosis brings upon patients. That funding has led to the development of our Patient Financial Navigation Program, providing access to financial education and additional community resources.

In Spring 2024, we will be launching our Mobile Navigation Program bringing our services to the rural and outlying areas of Kern County.

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Our Mission

The Kern County Cancer Foundation (KCCF) is dedicated to assisting Kern County residents who need financial assistance in obtaining treatment for cancer and associated diseases. 

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Meet the team

Our Staff

The KCCF staff are considered experts in the field of cancer support services and are dedicated to providing care and advocacy for local patients during the heart of treatment.