Taft District Chamber of Commerce Opens Door for KCCF

Kern County Cancer Foundation
June 13, 2024
Taft District Chamber of Commerce Opens Door for KCCF

On June 13, 2024, the Kern County Cancer Foundation (KCCF) drove their Mobile Office Unit to the city of Taft.

During this visit, KCCF presented their mission statement and educational financial assistance program to leaders and members of the Taft Chamber of Commerce.

Leaders and members of the Taft Chamber of Commerce, located at 400 Kern Street, Taft, California were also informed of our new Mobile Office Unit which will be used to expand our outreach to the outskirts of Kern County such as Taft to continue assistance patients in person in their city.

They also had a chance to tour KCCF’s Mobile Office Unit, which has been sponsored by Kern Health Care Families.

Among them pictured is Dr. Kathy Orrin, Executive Director at Taft District Chamber of Commerce, Faith Melton, Director of Operations and Events, Mark Staples, Director of Planning of Development Services, City of Taft; and Carolyn Golleher, WIOA Coordinator, West Kern Adult Education and Brad Buckley, of The Business Center.

On behalf of the Kern County Cancer Foundation, we would like thank you for your hospitality.

To learn more about Taft Chamber of Commerce, please visit their website at www.taftchamber.com.

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The fund is a program dedicated to assisting Kern County residents who need financial assistance in obtaining treatment for cancer and associated diseases.

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In 2012, local oncologists and community members rallied together to start Kern County Cancer Foundation to eliminate the financial burden brought on by a cancer diagnosis.