Financial Assistance

Underinsured or uninsured patients may be awarded assistance to bridge the gap between insurance costs and cancer related treatments.

Our program provides qualifying individuals up to $50,000 per person in a lifetime with the following out-of-pocket medical expenses related to cancer treatment: deductibles, co-pays, share of cost, prescriptions and insurance premiums.

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Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients


Financial Assistance Requirements

Patient must meet all of the criteria shown below to begin the first step in the application process:

If all requirements are met, an application may be obtained through our Patient Financial Navigator or through a Social Worker at your treatment facility.

Additional documents will be required such as paychecks, tax returns, bank statements, additional income, etc.

Our Patient Eligibility Committee reviews applications twice a month to determine financial needs of applicants.

Patients may be asked to reapply every six months.

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