KCCF Meets with Delano Representatives

Kern County Cancer Foundation
February 21, 2024
KCCF Meets with Delano Representatives

The Kern County Cancer Foundation (KCCF) engaged with Delano Representatives at AIS’s Zacharias Conference Room on February 21st, 2024 in an ongoing effort to enhance resources and support for the Delano Community. Through this collaboration, KCCF aims to extend its reach and provide valuable assistance to local cancer patients and their families.

KCCF recognizes the importance of community partnerships and is committed to working closely with Delano Representatives to address the unique needs of Delano residents facing cancer-related challenges. By pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise, KCCF and Delano Representatives can create a stronger network of support and advocacy.

As part of this initiative, KCCF plans to implement targeted programs and outreach efforts specifically tailored to the Delano area. These initiatives will focus on providing financial navigation, emotional support, and educational resources to those affected by cancer. By fostering a collaborative environment, KCCF and Delano Representatives aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and families in Delano.

If you are a resident of Delano or know someone who could benefit from KCCF’s services, please visit the Kern County Cancer Foundation website to learn more and connect with our dedicated team. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

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The fund is a program dedicated to assisting Kern County residents who need financial assistance in obtaining treatment for cancer and associated diseases.

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In 2012, local oncologists and community members rallied together to start Kern County Cancer Foundation to eliminate the financial burden brought on by a cancer diagnosis.