KCCF Pediatric Patient Flown To Treatment Thanks to Angel Flight West

Kern County Cancer Foundation
December 1, 2023

Kern County Cancer Foundation’s Pediatric patient was flown on December 1st, 2023 for the first time to Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California for cancer treatment. This is a historic milestone in a new means of transportation for KCCF’s patients who have to travel out of Kern County to be seen and treated.

Angel Flight West, a non-profit organization, serves to deliver health and hope through a network of volunteer pilots and airline partners.  The flight from Delano Municipal Airport to Stanford Hospital located in Palo Alto, California, condensed the time it would have taken to travel in vehicle.  Travel time on a vehicle would have been four hours, just to get to their cancer treatment appointment.

This embarks the beginning of what is to come for the Kern County Cancer Foundation. KCCF would like to thank Angel Flight West and its volunteer pilots for their time and care for our patients and their partnership.  May this be the beginning of many flights to come for Kern County cancer patients as an option for their extensive travel time.

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In 2012, local oncologists and community members rallied together to start Kern County Cancer Foundation to eliminate the financial burden brought on by a cancer diagnosis.