KCCF Speaks On Que Buena 105.7 FM

Kern County Cancer Foundation
January 24, 2024
Yesenia Moran joins Que Buena 105.7 FM to speak about Kern County Cancer Foundation services

KCCF SPEAKS ON QUE BUENA 105.7 FM Spanish Radio Station

Radio host Luna from Que Buena 105.7 FM invited the Kern County Cancer Foundation on January 24, 2024, to speak about our services offered to local Kern County cancer patients.

Patient Navigator Manager Yesenia Moran spoke on behalf of KCCF regarding our Financial Assistance Program, our Pediatric Mobil Angel Unit and our transportation program. She also discussed how the Kern County Cancer Foundation provides a nexus of resources to our local community, including assistance in PG&E bills, food, and referrals to other agencies.

KCCF’s Financial Assistance Program and Pediatric Mobil Angel Unit are available to any cancer patient with any type of cancer. To learn more about our foundation, please visit us at www.kerncountycancerfoundation.org.

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The fund is a program dedicated to assisting Kern County residents who need financial assistance in obtaining treatment for cancer and associated diseases.

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Kern County Cancer Foundation

In 2012, local oncologists and community members rallied together to start Kern County Cancer Foundation to eliminate the financial burden brought on by a cancer diagnosis.