Victorious Madelyn Martinez Triumphs Over Leukemia

Kern County Cancer Foundation
March 18, 2024
Victorious Madelyn Martinez Triumphs Over Leukemia

On January 26, 2024 Madelyn Martinez rang the Victory Bell at Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera, where she was accompanied by her family to celebrate her battle against Leukemia.

Madelyn Martinez rings the bell after finishing leukemia treatment

The Kern County Cancer Foundation embraced Madelyn in our Pediatric Program since she was three years old. On September 2021, she was diagnosed with Leukemia and the following month in October 2021 she joined Kern County Cancer Foundation’s Pediatric program.

KCCF has been providing Madelyn’s parents with gas cards upon their application to our program to alleviate travel expenses due to her cancer treatments. At five years old, she is now cancer free.

“Never, ever giving up hope. When your last chemo has come and gone ring this bell to tell everyone: it is a time to celebrate! Hurray! What a great feeling. What a great day!”—Madelyn Martinez

In the past KCCF has collaborated with various organizations to raise funds for our Pediatric Mobile Angel Unit. On January 13, 2024, the Bakersfield Condors played full out against the San Jose Barracudas to generate funds for the Kern County Cancer Foundation.

The goal was and continues to provide financial assistance for cancer treatments, including support for individuals like Madelyn. This event was part of the Non-Profit Awareness Series Night.

Madelyn Martinez and her family posing at Teaming Up Against Cancer event

Madelyn continues to be Leukemia free; here she is with family enjoying our Teaming Up Against Cancer event, March 16, 2024, at Stramler Park. She was able to enjoy an ICEE from Kona Ice, and did some arts and crafts, and embedded her survivor hand on our Gift of Hope canva wall!

The Kern County Cancer Foundation congratulates her for her victory in battling Leukemia.

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