Women’s and Girl’s Fund Luncheon Honoring Cynthia Lake and Noor El Kereamy

Kern County Cancer Foundation
April 24, 2024
Women's and Girl's Fund Luncheon Honoring Cynthia Lake and Noor El Kereamy

The Kern County Cancer Foundation attended the Women’s and Girls’ Fund Luncheon honoring Cynthia Lake and Noor El Kereamy at Seven Oaks Country Club Fundraiser.

Several organizations and non-profits were there supporting a fundraiser that supports growth in excellence and leadership such as was the honoring of Cynthia Lake and Noor El Kereamy.

Cynthia Lake has been a Philanthropist for years, as she is plays an important role to our Kern County Cancer Foundation with her endowment to our foundation.

Noor El Kereamy is a student graduate who has achieved so many milestones in the community at a young age. It is wonderful to see such recognition and support for these outstanding individuals and the important work they do!

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In 2012, local oncologists and community members rallied together to start Kern County Cancer Foundation to eliminate the financial burden brought on by a cancer diagnosis.